The real Scenario on why Simbu Walked off Ko

An aspiring film for Simbu, this was what many personalities described on the movie Ko, which was to be directed by K.V.Anand. But why did Yss Silambarasan walk off it? The fact is, Silambarasan was happy with the story that was told at the beginning, but later Cameraman turned Director changed the story. At this point Simbu did say he didn't like the change, but he left it to the director.

Later when the Director was firm to bring in Karthiga, Simbu again said it won't be good as her market value is lesser. But the Director was again firm and didn't listen to Simbu. Even then our Brother stood with his words of doing the movie.

But things changed when the Director was taking decisions without the knowledge of Simbu in choosing the artists and the schedule of the movie. Later it was even asked that he should do a make over, which would make Simbu idle at home for the entire year.

After a serious discussion yesterday with his close associates and parents, he decided to walk away from the movie.He also spoke to K.V.Anand and expressed it and they signed off on the wellness of each other.

A place where thoughts are over ruled isn't a good place for our hero.

Fans of Silambarasan should stay shoulder to shoulder to support the move of Silambarasan. It is said that Vaaliban or Utthama Puthiran will start shortly.

And yesterday Simbu throwed a party to his friends at Fishermans Cove located in ECR. It was said many celebrities attended the party and wished Simbu for his wellness.

Ps : Actor Jeeva is signed officially in the movie now


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