Simbhu speaks to the media

SimbhuVinnai Thandi Varuvaya in which Simbhu and Trisha are in the lead roles is gearing up for release. This film has been directed by Gowtham Menon. After this Simbhu has got the opportunity to act in Manirathnam’s film. In an interview to the media, he said:

It seems you are not acting  in Ko?
I have to change my appearance for this film. This will take some time. Because of this I was not able to act in this film. For the first time I am acting in the film Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya directed by Gowtham Menon. I use to like all his films.
This film is also very stylish. I have donned the role of an assistant director. Now days  I am acting in films that have good story. I will continue to select good stories. You can see Simbhu  now in a different dimension.

What happened to direction?
For time being I am giving importance to acting alone. After some time I will decide about directing.

The way you were illustrated in the film Tamizh Padam?
Not disturbed about it.

About your image?
As far as I am concerned I am honest person and I am not worried about image.

Did Nayanthara wish you on your birthday?
When I am not worried about this, why should you worry about it?

Will you come to politics?
I will not come to politics now. I don’t have the thought now. After coming to good level in cinema I will consider about it. I think we can do lot of service while you are acting itself.


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