Simbu learnt a lot from Gautham

Simbu learnt a lot from Gautham
Simbu seems to have cleaned up his act! Or we sure hope so, at least!

The actor looks his very best in Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya and we have been assured that this is no typical Simbu movie but a true blue Gautham Menon love story! The movie and the experience of working with someone like Gautham seems to have suited Simbu well. The actor has decided to slow down and get choosey. “All along, I have been picking scripts that I thought I could carry off without bothering about what they did for me as an actor. But now I’ve decided to take it slow. I don’t need to do many movies a year. I’m past that stage. I am going to be really picky about my roles., henceforth,” vows the actor.

Simbu insists that working with Gautham has been a very learning experience, with a good dose of fun as well! “Working with Gautham Menon and team, has been a fabulous. It’s not all partying and fun, all the time – but it’s been a good blend of fun and work. After doing movies like Silambattam and Kaalai, I could have once again picked a script in that genre, but I wanted to do something different. When Gautham and I were talking one day, he said he had a couple of story ideas. The first he told me was an action theme, the second was a love story and that’s what I picked. I was determined to do a love story... something in the lines of Minnale, is what I told him. The story came to Gautham before me, so I told him not to worry about changing it to fit my so-called image, because ultimately what my fans want is good entertainment. And that is something Gautham guarantees!”


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