Simbu's 25th birthday bash
Simbu’s all grown-up now, and yet we just cannot forget him grooving to ‘I am a little star, aaveney super star!’ Well, he is on the way to becoming just that; with the change from Little Super Star to Young Super Star, the next step is obviously Super star, right? He sure hopes so and we wish him lots of luck.

Notorious as he is, we cannot do without Simbu and the best part is he seems to have outgrown those bad boy pranks! Simbu in his latest avatar is quite the nice guy who probably has been misunderstood all along. We’ll leave what was behind and join the festivities as he celebrates his 25th birthday on 3rd February. He’s throwing a big party at Fisherman’s Cove and has invited only his nearest and dearest buddies, but let us all join in heart and wish Simbu all the very best.
Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya, his first movie this year [releasing shortly], has all the makings of a super hit. Let’s hope this movie and all the others to follow will create wonders at the box office, and take him closer to realising that childhood dream... 

source : Simbu's 25th birthday bash


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