Singamuthu speaks about his feud with Vadivelu

SingamuthuVadiveluSingamuthu who has gone underground on Vadivelu’s issue gave a secret interview.

It seems you have agreed to pay back Rs 4 Crores in arbitration before K K Nagar councilor Dhanasekaran and later on you refused to pay back?

It is totally false. In the arbitration Prabhu who sold the land to Vadivelu said that I am in no way connected in this deal and he will settle the amount.

But Vadivelu has given documents to the police which prove that you are involved?
There is nothing concerning me. I have not bought or sold any land.
Vadivelu says his land is missing?

If that is the case he should have reported the matter to the Tasildhar by giving the land’s survey number and then he should have measured the land in the presence of VAO. When he comes to know that there is no land, he should have sent the notice to the person who sold it to him. In what way I am connected.

Did you not accompany him to buy the property?

As a colleague I had accompanied him for company sake.His managers will also accompany him. After finalizing the property they will ask to me to type the registration document. Apart from this I am in no way concerned. Saying that I have cheated 7 Crores is all baseless lies. This will be proved in the court. Vadivelu himself knows that I will not cheat him. If not let him come cut the coin at the Kali Temple.

When you are in acting business, why are you involving in real estate business?

When I don’t have chances of acting, I used to act as a broker for getting houses for rent for people. I used to prepare registration documents also. Because of this I will be getting some commission with which I use to run my life.

Both of you are close friends. You could have settled the matter amicably within yourselves?

Now since the matter as gone before the court, I have also gone to the court. If any important people take interest in our matter , I am ready for compromise. Even if Vadivelu wants to settle the matter amicably, the people around him will not allow for this. So legally I will prove that I am not guilty.

In case if this problem is solved, will you both act together?

If he forgets everything and calls me I am ready to act even now.


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