Sonia Agarwal and Reema Sen speaks about their friendship

Sonia AgarwalRema SenSonia Agarwal while speaking about her friendship with Reema Sen said,” Normally I will not move with anyone so easily. And if anyone speaks to me artificially I cannot keep their friendship.
But Reema Sen is not even one percent artificial. She is very innocent type. I will share my personal matters with her. If my spirits are dampened, I will speak to Reema Sen on the phone and within few minutes I will become happier.
Sometimes when we go out Reema use to be stubborn like a small girl that we should wear the same color dress for which I use to agree. Even now she is very close to me.

Reema Sen while speaking about her friendship with Sonia Agarwal said,” I have met Sonia in Mumbai even before I took up to acting. I know her for many years. You can believe Sonia and tell her anything. It will not come out. She is a super person maintaining the secrets.
Whatever I feel in my mind I will tell Sonia only. Sonia is fond of watches. She has got lot of watches. But if you gift her watch, she will be happy. We will go for parties. Sometimes Shreya also accompany us. Shreya’s house is very close to my house in Mumbai. Sonia is my most trust worthy friend.”


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