Tamizhpadam: Humorous celebration of Tamil cinema

Humour is an integral part of our movies, because we are a fun lot indeed! However, many in the industry have their reservations when it comes to mocking the biggest names and biggest movies in the form of a spoof, a genre of cinema common in Hollywood. While actors like Vivek have intertwined such humour in their comedy tracks, never has a movie been entirely dedicated to such humour. So C.S. Amududhan and Dayanidhi Azhagiri have filled this gap with Tamizhpadam.

The movie has only just been released, and theatres are resounding with mad laughter, but ever since the trailers hit the screens, we all knew what to expect. The young cast and crew have not missed out on a single actor or hit movie – from Naayagan to Sivaji, Ramarajan to Vijaykanth, they’ve poked fun at them all! But all in good spirit. The young producer, who has financed a slew of movies, insists they are not mocking cinema, but celebrating it in a fun-filled way. Given that his grandfather is the mightiest patron and a living legend when it comes to Tamil cinema, we sure do hope that Dayanidhi wins goodwill with his truly hilarious spoof!

source: Tamizhpadam: Humorous celebration of Tamil cinema


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