What stops Meena Marriage from being mom?

Professional ethics can do anything - make a person so esteemed in higher strata or sometimes spoil their personal lives. It looks like Meena has been wedged between two critical situations. The actress has been receiving more offers in tinsel town despites her marriage. Indeed, she doesn’t wanna miss any of those opportunities and has been signed each and every project.

But both her husband and mother-in-law so fed up with her not focusing on family life… When Meena and her husband had planned for a honeymoon, it was cancelled at the last minute when Meena backed off from the plans and wanted to join the shooting sets.

When approached Meena, she said, “There have been more rumors pertaining to my personal life. I would like to make it clear that I am very much concerned about family life, but need to complete the projects signed before my nuptials and will do it accordingly…


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