A Special Bonding between Suhasini and Kushboo

The yesteryear actresses Suhasini Manirathnam and Kushboo Sundar have been reigning across silver and small screens for over long period of years. In a simpler way, they’ve been proving their adeptness into different arenas that makes them being adjudged as someone more than an ‘actress’.Both Suhasini Manirathnam and Kushboo got themselves into different panoramas of film and television production. They’ve been handling their production houses and indeed churned out some successful flicks. And on all equivalencies, these celebrities are now hosting the biggest shows in satellite channels. Suhasini’s reviewing of films have of course has peaked to greater heights having its impact on film’s result. As well, Kushboo tends to be making high waves with her very own unique shows.Recently, both the actresses revealed the fact that both of them keep complimenting their works, share their opinions and gradually advise each other for transcendence of their shows.It’s really a graceful to hear such rapport has been shared by these personalities in spite of their competencies existing at higher levels.


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