Ajmal Ready With 4 Strikes


4 big strikes with unusual characterizations make Ajmal irresistible at times now. Making his debut with ‘Anjathey’, the Malayalam speaking actor maintained a low profile and completely switched to a different role of comedic lad in ‘Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru’.

‘Kathiravel’, ‘Ko’, ‘Karuppampatti’ and a crossover flick ‘About Denova’ (The Ultimate Truth). On the button, all these three flicks have already become far-famed and his ‘About Denova’ is set to witness of tunnel of light at Cannes International Film Festival.

Says Ajmal: ‘This will be an unusual film shot at international standards, somewhat like Latin American genre. The film is about a person, who’s dark tragic past life haunts him vividly. Just like many people, who strongly believe in their sins being wiped by taking pilgrimage, he too embarks such journey to Mecca and is still unable to do come over it.

Mumbai model Auroshika stars opposite him in female lead role and the film is directed by Swabri, a Dubai based ad-filmmaker.


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