Ajmal’s first world film

Actor Ajmal, who shot to fame playing an anti-hero in ‘Anjathey’, has quietly completed an ’international’ film. The film is called ‘Denova’, which means ‘Ultimate Truth’. Ajmal says the new film is a kind of Latin American film and the story is about a nuclear family, how a tragedy strikes it and how it overcomes it. The film was shot entirely in Dubai and Kerala.
In ‘Denova’ Ajmal plays a different role of a person from the twenties to the thirties. The character evolves through the different phases and his surmounting the ordeal forms part of the story.
Ajmal’s first international movie is directed by a Dubai-based ad filmmaker Swabri. Mumbai-based Auroshikha is the heroine.
This 90-minutes film has a spiritual angel too and is meant for niche audience in different languages, including Hindi, Arabic, Persian and Iranian. The producer is focusing on releasing it initially at festivals like Cannes, and later at multiplexes.


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