‘Goripalayam’ on May 7

goripalaiyam Goripalayam on May 7Rasu Madhuravan is one director who is an expert in filming family values and emotions realistically. That way he is compared to Cheran by many. Rasu Madhuravan's earlier film 'Mayandi Kudumbathar' was a trend setter of sorts.
After his successful 'Mayandi Kudumbathar' Rasu Madhuravan is ready to strike with ‘Goripalayam’. ‘Goripalayam’ is about a group of youth who lost their sleep in the town that never sleeps. This film produced by ‘Naadodigal’ Michael Rayappan is complete in all and has gone to censors.
The producer organised a party to celebrate the completion of ‘Goripalayam’ and treated all the cast and crew.
Actors Vikranth, Ramakrishnan, Harish, Alex Actresses Swasika and Laksa, directors Jagannath, Ravi Mariya, Nanda Periyasamy, Manobala, Singam Puli, Cinematographer Balabarani, Music Directors Sabesh-Murali, Art Director Devaraj were in the party along with Producer Michael Rayappan and Director Rasu Madhuravan.
One of the heroines in the film Poongodi was conspicuous by her absence.
‘Goripalayam’ is slated for release on May 7.


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