Hari refutes title 'Aruva'

Director Hari is busy giving the final touches to his much anticipated film ‘Singam’ starring Suriya and Anushka. When asked if he is going to stick to the title 'Aruva' for his next film Hari got tensed and roared he never ever thought of a  title ‘Aruva’ for his film with Dhanush. He also blasted the so called sources which created its own title and now also spreading news of changing the title.
Later a cooled down Hari said he doesn’t have any plan to thrust an ‘aruva’ in the hands of Dhanush and he is searching for a decent apt title for the film. He hopes to be ready with the title once he completes the screenplay. He further said the film will be announced next month and the shooting will start in August.


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