Karthi is shy of titles

Karthi who is just three films old has set his sight straight and focused. He has categorically said he wants to do action oriented films for the next few years and get established as a full-grown hero in Tamil.
Recently when somebody asked him if he had gown up to bash up a bunch of villains in his very third film itself, Karthi said ‘Paiyaa’ was an entertainer that has the liberty to escape logic. But the next film ‘Naan Mahan Alla’ is a realistic film and that doesn’t have any logic defying fights Karthi said.
And at a place where calling their favourite star with creative yet wacky titles, Karthi who is a nice guy to move around with for his fans is sounding different. He has sincerely requested his fans not to give any titles to him. He says he is uncomfortable with titles and their love alone would suffice. But crazy fans are not interested to listen and are preparing new titles for their favourite actor.


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