‘Paiya’ breaks 20 crores in 2 weeks

‘Paiyaa’ is setting new records at the box office within two weeks of its release. The Lingusamy film is shattering all previous records and trade says the film is on its way to become one of the biggest hits ever in Tamil cinema.
Reports say ‘Paiyaa’ has breached the 20 crores mark at the box office and this feat is unchallenged. In recent memory only ‘Sivaji’ and ‘Dasavatharam’ have been able to elicit this kind of response within a few days of release.
A beaming Lingusamy dedicates the record breaking success of ‘Paiyaa’ to the quality conscious Tamil audience. In his statement Lingusamy has said "I expected 100 per cent success for the film. But I have got 200 per cent success”.
‘Paiyaa’ is running at 15 theatres in Chennai out of which 5 are in Mount Road itself. The film which hit the theatres with 500 prints is expected to generate more. Prarthana Drive In theatre in ECR has screened 45 shows and over the weekends it runs 30 shows.
Going another step forward the ‘Paiyaa’ team also challenges the detractors to check the success of ‘Paiyaa’ directly with the managers of theaters screening the film. A first of its kind time.


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