‘Paiyya’ And ‘Angadi Theru’ – Leading Contenders Of Box Office


Followed by unstoppable failures, Ayngaran International have somehow got themselves rescued in showbiz as their recent release ‘Angadi Theru’ has taken out for best results. It’s an unexpected result indeed! Incisively, because the results have exceeded the producers’ expectation levels with shows being increased at various centres.

On pars, Dayanidhi Azhagiri’s ‘Paiyya’ has been equivalently doing a good fare at box office. Lingusamy has been well-lauded for his efforts of striking with a simple-yet-classy entertainer that’s considered to be a passable show by major audiences.

What follows them next is Jeeva starrer ‘Kacheri Arambam’ as the film has leaped with some good results amongst the single screens and down south centres.

With more commercial entertainers gearing up to hit screens during April-May season, this can be a great boon for audiences and showbiz professionals as well.


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