Ranjitha is debuting as a heroine in the next Kunjumon film

Kollywood always welcomed any new face with talent and embraced them to prove their mettle. That’s why we see more new faces in Kollywood than in other woods. Now the latest entrant in Kollywood aspiring to reach the top is Ranjitha Nair.
Ranjitha Nair is debuting as a heroine in the next Kunjumon film. The launch pad has been a lucky one for Ranjitha as Kunjumon who is the star maker and trend setting Producer who introduced directors like Pavitran and Shankar, heroine like Nagma and Susmitha Sen in Tamil.
Ranjtha has a beautiful face and a curvy body even then she says she is not ready for bikinis. Ranjitha is expecting a hard performing heroine role because she has experience in stage. By the first look we expect his beauty to go places.
Ranjitha Nair has landed in Kollywood with great hope and we like to say don’t worry girl Kollywood has never let down any body with talent.


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