Vijay to return to his ‘3-films-per-year’ formula!

VijayAmong the present genre of actors, Vijay appears to have a clearly thought-out plan as to how to go about his films career-wise.  If reports are to be believed, Vijay has finalized the ‘list’ of directors who would be directive his next five films!
Vijay has now reportedly gone back to his old formula of doing at least three films per year.  He started his career by doing so and continued in the same mode for many years.  His 50th film ‘Suraa’, releasing next Friday, would be his first release of the year and would be followed by another film titled ‘Kavalkaaran’ in the later part of the year.

It is said that Perarasu, who directed two of Vijay’s huge hits in ‘Sivakasi’ and ‘Thirupachi’, has been finalized as one of the three directors to direct one of his next three films.  Perarasu recently met Vijay and narrated a story to him.  Vijay was so impressed with the storyline that he gave an assurance to Perarasu that he’d start working with him once he finished his current film ‘Kavalkaran’.

In the recent past, Vijay has given similar assurances to Seeman, Ameer and ‘Jeyam’ Raja that he would do films with them.  Even before all these, at the function to celebrate the 100 day celebrations of Thangar Bachchan’s ‘Onbadhu Roobai Nottu’, he had announced that he would be joining hands with him to do a film ‘in the near future’.

Except Vijay himself, nobody knows as to who among Perarasu, Seeman, Ameer, ‘Jeyam’ Raja and Thangar Bachchan would get to direct his next film!


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