Genelia crosses the 1 crore mark

Actress Genelia D’Souza  has been very busy in her profession and has become a much sought-after actress in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi as well.  Unconfirmed sources say that her remuneration for a film has already crossed the coveted Re.1 crore mark!
Actress Genelia D’Souza
Genelia, who has been appearing in more commercials of late, is said to be charging a whopping Rs.10 lakhs per hour while shooting for advertisements.  Recently, she signed up a deal to star in the advertisement campaign for an Australia-based watch-manufacturing Firm.  She has reportedly charged Rs.40 lakhs to act in the campaign, which was to be shot in just four hours.

When she was initially approached for the advertisement, she refused but due to the insistence from the watch-manufacturer, she relented and agreed to do the campaign after taking a day off from her ‘Orange’ film producer.  Raking in as many as Rs.40 lakhs in just four hours is highly profitable, indeed!

Keep up the great going, Genelia!


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