Kalaprabhu also in line for Vijay

If you have noticed the trend in Kollywood in the last decade you will find the second generation talents have not succeeded as they wanted in films. Except for one ‘Jayam’ Ravi-Raja no once has really struck gold.
The man who changed the course of Tami cinema Bharathiraja's son Manoj tried to be an actor but forced to change tracks and is now trying to be a director.
Kalaipuli Thanu's son Kalaprabhu who directed Sakkarakatti is also struggling on spite of having a hi-fi producer as his father.
But Kalaprabhu is not giving up. He has met Vijay and awed him with a neat story. Vijay has told Kalaprabhu to wait for some time until he finishes all his already committed projects.
So another young blood is rearing to catch what it missed the first time. Kalaprabhu's father Kalaipuli Thanu has also promised his son to help if he comes with a big star.


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