Kites Banned in Karnataka

Bangalore: Hritihik Roshan and Barbara Mori starrer ‘Kites’ has been banned across theatres in Karnataka by the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC).
The KFCC has called for a ban and peaceful protest against the screening of ‘Kites’ across the state claiming that the movie violates state industry norms.
The president of the chamber claimed that ‘Kites’ producer Rakesh Roshan failed to turn up for the meeting on Thursday to discuss the issue
“There was a meeting but Rakesh Roshan did not turn up. But we are the supreme body and they can’t violate the norms,” KFCC President Basant Kumar Patil said.
According to KFCC non-Kannada movies can be released in only 21 theatres but the local distributor of ‘Kites’, Big Cinemas, was planning to release the movie in 46 theatres even though they had been given special permission by the chamber to release the movie in 24 theatres.
The chamber has been claiming that new Kannada movies like Vijay starrer ‘Shankar IPS’ and Nagathihalli Chandrashekar’s ‘Nooru Janmaku’ are not being screened due to ‘Kites’.
Multiplexes like PVR and Fun Cinemas are screening the movie while INOX and other single screens have stopped screenings of ‘Kites’.


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