Nayantara can’t allocate dates for Ameer’s film
The shooting of ‘Aadhibagavan’, director Ameer’s next directorial venture, is likely to commence over the ensuing weekend. The director, lead actors and the crew have already left for Bangkok, Thailand where the first schedule of the shooting is to be held. The Unit sources say that the national award-winning actress Priyamani might be cast in the heroine’s role opposite ‘Jeyam’ Ravi.

Ameer says that, “I decided that Nayantara would be the perfect actress to play the female lead role opposite Ravi and asked her to give me a bulk call-sheet of around ninety days. She said that she can’t do so at this juncture, as she was also starring in Kannada and Malayalam language films simultaneously.

“I need a heroine who can give me a continuous 90-day spell as call-sheet to enable me to concentrate fully on her role as well as the film. Though Nayantara is unable to adjust her dates and accommodate my request, I still feel that she’s the right choice for the role I have visualized in mind. After Nayantara’s reply, I even went to Mumbai, camped there for a few days and met many a model there in my hunt to choose a heroine.

“None of them was able to fulfill my expectations to portray the role. Nowdays, it has been increasingly becoming very difficult to get the right heroine befitting the role in the script,” concludes Ameer.

Would he again go back to his ‘Paruthiveeran’ after all the bad-blood that ran between them some time back?


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