Nayantara is the latest actress to acquire a BMW

Actress NayantaraThe passion to acquire a brand new BMW car has been increasing among Kollywood actors and actresses.  Poor Nayantara, the latest to acquire a new BMW car, also looks like the first celebrity to have ‘lost’ the car in quick time!

Reports, though unconfirmed, say that the actress acquired the car on hire purchase basis from a leading car manufacturer’s showroom in the city.  As she was ‘unable’ to pay her installments in time, the car is reported to have been ‘taken back’ by the dealer.

This makes one wonder as to how would the actress, who has one film each in each of the four South Indian languages, be not in a position to pay her monthly dues?  Everyone knows that she’s surely one of the top-ranking actresses in Tamil and Telugu movies and gets a considerable amount as her remuneration for her films.

Queries with the actress’ friends revealed that the actress’ financial plight has something to do with her affairs with Prabhudeva. Is it so?


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