‘Poo’ Parvathy to play Vijay’s sister in ‘Velayudham’

ParvathyRemember Parvathy, who impressed many by her subdued but clear portrayal of a poor girl in director Sasi’s ‘Poo’? She didn’t sign a single Tamil film after ‘Poo’ as she didn’t like the many commercials films that are made in Kollywood on regular basis and were offered to her.

Parvathy didn’t mind the long 2-year gap during which time she listened to many stories only to reject them outrightly.  She, however, did some Malayalam films in the intervening time mainly to keep herself busy and engaged if not for anything else.

She was recently called by director ‘Jeyam’ Raja to play Vijay’s sister in his upcoming film ‘Velayudham’, produced by Aascar Ravichandran.  When Raja approached her, Parvathy had reportedly told him clearly that she won’t give her consent until she listened to the story and felt completely satisfied about going ahead with her role in the film.

As it turned out, she liked Raja’s story and agreed to play Vijay’s sister.  With a director who has delivered a string of successes and with an actresses who seeks quality, things appear rosy for Vijay’s next film and can only make the actor feel happy about it, as he is badly in need of a hit now!


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