Prabhu, Karthik And Now Sarath Kumar
Gone are those days, when the yesteryear heroes had no intentions about giving up their images. But some of them were quite affirmative towards moving to the other arena by performing prominent roles. First it was actor Prabhu, who stepped onto this epitome later followed by yesteryear romantic hero Suresh (Ajith Kumar’s ASAL).

Recently, actor Karthik’s presence in ‘Maanja Velu’ has evoked more actors to travel on same paths.

Supreme Star Sarath Kumar has now openly admitted that he will no more keep himself adhered to star image. It has been relevantly evident with his recent release ‘Kola Kolaya Mundhrika’. Winning rave reviews for his fresh attempt, the actor has assured that he is open to all offers including a cameo role.

The actor has already started taking on with such offers in various regional films including a Malayalam, in which he plays a wildlife photographer.


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