Rajini makes his fan happy

A differently-abled person, who is a die-hard fan of Superstar Rajinikanth, received a pleasant surprise from the top actor when he tried to have a glimpse of him at the wedding reception of actor Vijay Vasanth in Chennai recently.
When the Superstar walked in to the auditorium to wish the ‘Chennai 28’ actor, people pulled and pushed at each other to catch a glimpse of him. Equally intent on meeting the star was our hero of the story, who lost his balance and fell.
On seeing this, Rajini rushed to his help. The Superstar lifted his fan, spoke a few words to him, and asked him to be careful while in a crowd. After spending a few minutes with him, the actor left the place.
The man, whose joy knew no bounds after he exchanged pleasantries with his matinee idol, said, “My dream has come true finally. Thalaivar touched me. And I spoke to him. I just could not believe it.”


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