Request for Vijay, please change before it is too late!
Tamil movies are progressing its way to the new era of cinema which is filled with realism and logical screenplays. All the heroes in Kollywood have changed their way of acting, dressing, personalities etc except for our Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay. M.G Ramachandran & Sivaji Ganesan were the 1st generation actors, came along Rajnikanth & Kamal Haasan as the 2nd generation, now Vijay & Ajith as the 3rd generation.

The saddest part is, most of the 3rd generation & the 4th generations Kollywood actors (Suriya, Vikram, Ajithkumar, Bharath, Silambarasan, Karthi, Dhanush, Vishal) all have changed their style, even the 2nd generation superstars have changed their way of acting (Rajnikanth - Sivaji The Boss / Kamal Haasan - Unnaipol Oruvan), but Vijay hasn’t changed anything for now.

From 2003 (Thirumalai), Vijay has not changed his hair style, not changed his boot cuts jeans, has not changed his beard, and of cause has not changed his heroism role of acting. I wonder when people who recently entered the cinema industry can make so many changes why Vijay can’t do it?? Isn’t it ridiculous?

People love to see changes in cinema, something new, something different because we Tamilians had reached the new era of thinking, and films are developing their new inventions to please all kind of people around the globe, but Vijay’s films are always the same, predictable except for Pokkiri.
None of Vijay's films are realistic, none except for his 90's hit. People want to watch something new & different. Back in Malaysia here during 2003, 2004 & 2005, people were crazy over Vijay but when the years passed by, people are getting fed up seeing the same thing again and

I am not here to say that Vijay is not a good actor but what I’m trying to say its time for a change on Vijay. How nice if Vijay acted in Vaaranam Aayiram, Theeratha Vilayaattu Pillai and so on and some good realistic films. If Vijay keeps on acting heroism roles then his fans and network back in Malaysia will just vanish. People hated Vijay's 50th film "SURAA" in Malaysia & Singapore; its 101% illogical film which cannot be digested by even Vijay's fans.

And another thing about Vijay is he never works with good directors like Shankar, Gautham Menon, Mani Ratnam, K.S Ravikumar, Lingusamy & so on which is a major failure in his films. Lastly my conclusion here is I’m not talking about Vijay here, he is a superb actor. What I’m talking here is his roles which seriously have to wash off. We love you Vijay, please show us your changes and make us feel proud to say that "I AM A DIE HARD VIJAY FAN"


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