Siddharth’s next two year projects worth almost 100 Crores

Handsome hero Siddarth feels this year 2010 is the biggest year of his career, as he posted in his social networking profile.
Siddarth who has helped producers reap fortunes with hits like ‘Nuvvosthanante Nenoddantana’ and ‘Chukkalo Chandrudu’ and other hits, is said to have accepted projects worth Rs.100 crores put together. He goes on saying his diary is full for the next two years.
The ‘Aata’ hero is currently working on two Telugu films right now, with one of them seeing him play as a village ‘bumpkin’. He adds saying he even learnt a new dialect for the movie.
“Movies vasthanante, meeroddantaara?” All the best Siddhu!


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