Tamils angry at Amitabh

Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan has been facing the ire of Tamil community for his participation in the India International Film Awards (IIFA) function in Sri Lanka scheduled to happen from June 3 to 5.
Various Tamil groups from India and around the world have been claiming that by visiting Sri Lanka Amitabh Bachchan would lend credibility to a regime which was responsible for the genocide last year that killed thousands and thousands of Tamil people.
A fortnight ago, on April 25, when Tamils staged a protest march from his Pratiksha bungalow to his Jalsa residence in Mumbai Amitabh had said “The sentiments of all must be respected and I hope that we can plan and execute that with understanding, peace and grace.”
But as the days are nearing there was a new quoting a top official of the Sri Lanka Tourist Board claimed “… Amitabh, he will also come, even if only for a day.”
So again the Tamil groups descended on Amitabh’s residence in Mumbai urging him again to boycott the awards ceremony in Colombo. The families of protester have warned to stage a hunger strike unto death if Amitabh agrees to go to Sri Lanka at the invitation of the Sri Lankan government.
Sri Lanka is to spend a staggering US$9 million for the IIFA Awards ceremony and its connected events anticipating a return on investment of US$ 126 million.


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