Trisha upset over her fake twitter pages

Actress TrishaActress Trisha is livid that someone ‘posing’ like her had created a ‘fake’ Twitter page in her name.  To check-mate this effort and to prevent recurrence of such a thing in future, the pretty actress has decided to file a case with the Cyber Crime Branch of the city police.

The Twitter page, which operates in the name of the actress, has been ‘in touch’ with her fans without her own knowledge!  The page had her photographs, news about her and almost looked like her official web-page.  When the matter was brought to the notice of the actress, who would soon be making her debut in Hindi as heroine, she felt shell-shocked.

“Only recently did I come to know about the fraud being committed on the net in my name.  I actually have an account on the net in the name of ‘Trisha Treasures’.  Some vested interests, though, have created a fake web address in my name and have been sending out and receiving messages.  I’m now going to lodge a formal complaint with the Police,” said Trisha.

A couple of months ago, it happened with Nayantara as she too found out that some ‘fake operator’ was operating in her name.  For some strange reasons, the ‘fake’ web-page has reportedly been linked to the actress’ original web-page!


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