Vijay's 'Kaavalkaran' in trouble

Vijay's new film 'Kaavalkaran' which started with much fanfare has hit a road block. The film which is a remake of the Malayalam hit 'Bodyguard' is produced by the popular Tollywood producer Venkataraju.
So what’s the problem? Malayalam producer Johnny Sagarika claims that it is he who has the remake rights of ‘Bodyguard’ in other languages. He says he has mortgaged the remake rights with Gokulam Finance for the loan he availed from that finance company.
Johnny Sagarika alleges that Siddhique is directing the film in Tamil without his approval. Johnny has even filed a complaint with the South Indian Film Chamber in regard to this.
‘Kaavalkaran’ is close to the heart of Vijay as he started the film immediately after ‘Sura’ putting aside all projects that were being discussed as a follower to ‘Sura’. Asin comes back to Kollywood after she made it big in Bollywood. Vijay who needs a super hit immediately is relying on the man who had given him one before with ‘Friends’


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