300 dresses designed for Rahman

The pride of music industry, the Mozart of Madras our dear AR Rahman will appear in twenty four different avatars in outfits designed by Ritu Beri for ‘Jai Ho’ concert in New York. For the concert, which kick starts in New York from June 11, the designer has created total 300 dresses for AR Rahman and his troupe.
Rahman will be appearing in twenty four different outfits for the same number of songs. And believe it or not the Indian genius will be doing a whacko jacko by appearing in the pop legend Michael Jackson’s style.
Ritu Beri will be accompanying the troupe in Paris on July 17. Director Amy Tinkham has created the live musical concerts, the man behind creating the concerts of Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys and Mariah Carey.
The concert no doubt will be a treat for all music lovers and Rahman fans as the audience will be enthralled by the musical excellence of A R Rahman, melodious voices of other artists, exuberant set designs by the internationally acclaimed Amy Tinkham and costume design by Ritu Beri.


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