Actresses are not sex workers - Says Sneha

Actresses are not sex workers   Says Sneha 

Sneha who is not talked much these days has come with a bang after a gossip on the actress appeared in a section of the leading tamil magazine stating the actress was preganant, persons responsible: Chennai 600028 team. Fuming Sneha has vented out her anger in an interview to 'Kumudham', regarding the news on her by the number one newspaper. Here's the extract from the magazine
"While commenting about the films I have acted, they write one liner that reads Sneha has acted well. when it comes to a gossip about me they have tons to write. I don't know why such a disparity. Of late the gossips about me are spread with an evil intension of hurting me. This time the made up gossip was really worse. I am not going to be patient anymore. If anyone tries to slander me with their writings I would no more take things easy,” the ‘smiling beauty says and adds: “I would sure take legal action if this trend continues. I am open to criticism, but not to such cheap acts which agonises me a lot.”
I have a self respect too. You can’t write anything that comes in to your mind just because I am actress.Actresses are not sex workers.I bet actresses are not of that kind. We work in a similar manner as teacher or a doctor. It is not fair to write gossips on them just because they are into acting profession. We too have a family and those spreading rumours should understand the pain we undergo thanks to their acts,” she says.
Changing the topic, the actress says, “This is my 10th year in cinema. I am currently doing a crucial role in Prashanth starrer ‘Ponnan Sankar’ which has dialogues by Chief Minister M Karunanidhi. Besides, I am playing the lead role in ‘Bhavani IPS’ and Sarath Kumar’s Vidiyal


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