Anushka doesnt prefer Tamil films

Suriya's latest movie 'Singam' is releasing in Telugu as ‘Yamudu’ on July 2. For the occasion the team met the media in Hyderabad. Suriya, Anushka, writer Sahithi and producer Gnanavel Raja took part in the event.
At the event Suriya thanked the Telugu audience for accepting him in Tollywood. He also said he is a great fan of Anushka and was very happy doing the film with her.
But Anushka was very open, candid and surprising.
She said she hasn't seen the Tamil version ‘Singam’ yet even after 4 weeks of super run. But she had seen the Telugu and felt the dubbed version ‘Yamudu’ looked very original and she did not feel it is dubbed from Tamil any where. She also said her role was in the film was not just a glamour doll but with substance.
But what she said later is a revelation. Anushka said though she does films in Tamil her first preference undoubtedly is Telugu. 'Singam' was her third film and first hit in Tamil after 'Rendu' with Madhavan and 'Vettaikkaran' with Vijay.


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