Ash refuses to kiss Brad Pitt

aishwarya_raiIf news is to be believed, sensous Aishwarya Rai was offered one of the most famous and hit Hollywood movie Troy years ago. However, Aishwarya rejected the offer only because the project involved her to get intimate with Hollywood star Brad Pitt.

Aishwarya confirms the news and says, “One of the reasons I declined ‘Troy’ was that there were some very explicit lovemaking scenes in the script, and a lot of kisses. I was like, `Oh my God! I`m not sure`. I couldn`t imagine being comfortable with it".

The white pristine actress of Bollywood was also the first choice for Hancock and Seven Pounds in the past but the actress had to say no to the projects because of her tight schedules.

"It wasn’t about an attitude I had, or any inverted ideas about working overseas, it was simply about scheduling. I just didn`t have the time", confirms the actress.


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