Asin’s Friendship with Dhoni and Amir Khan

Asin who made her debut in the Tamil film Kumaran Son Of Mahalakshmi continued act in many films and reached great heights.After this she became very popular in Bollywood also after acting in Ghajini.
Asins Friendship with Dhoni and Amir Khan
Asin style is the method she chooses her film. She chooses the role which suits her. She paired with Ameer Khan in Ghajini and later on paired with Salman Khan in the film Wanted. Now she is pairing in a Hindi film once again with Salman Khan.
This film is directed by Anees Basmi and produced by T Series. The Telugu film Kick is being remade in Tamil with the title Utthamaputhiran. The film which Asin is acting is the remake of this Telugu film. Because of her hectic schedule, she kept away from Tamil cinema. Now she is pairing with Vijay in Kavalkaran directed by Siddique.
Asin who was leaving for Sri Lanka said," Since the Tamil industry requested me I did not participate in the event held in Sri Lanka. Not going for this event was in my hand. But going for the shooting there is not in my hands. Initially the film was to shot in Bangkok and later it was changed to Mauritius. Finally it was changed to Sri Lanka. This is also not final. There will be so many problems while planning a film. It is not a healthy thing that if the producer and technicians are affected. That is why I am going to Sri Lanka.
Many are asking me about the friendship with Dhoni. Whenever he is in Mumbai, he never fails to come to my house. Our friendship is so strong. You might have heard that he watched the IPL match in my home theatre.
Apart from this because of my friendship with Amir Khan I was able to get the introduction of James Cameroon. All this happened because of my clean image and healthy friendship. This is my strength and that is why I have the guts to answer your imaginary questions. With regard to Kavalkaran, 40% of the shooting is over. After completing my first schedule of Hindi shooting I will participate in the shooting of Kavalkaran. You can note it down that this will film be a hat trick because this is my third film with Vijay.


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