The autobiography of Madhumitha

Ever wondered what the pretty, talented actress Madhumitha is doing after ‘Yogi’? Some said she was writing script for a film. But our sources tell a different story.
Madhumitha expected a lot of offers after her critically acclaimed performances in ‘Yogi’ and ‘Arai En 305il Kadavul’. But to her disappointment offers weren't pouring the she would have wanted, Even the many offers that knocked her doors were either routine singing and dancing roles or small budget films with good roles. She didn't want to do regular masala heroine any more. In today's scenario she has a feeling that small budget films have to fight too many odds to get noticed and her performance may not get its due however great it is.
So Madhumitha decided to utilise her time productively and more importantly creatively. She started writing and it wasn't a film script but her autobiography. She said she has put her thoughts and experiences in her life so far on paper and will soon release it in a published book.


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