Can Nadhiya equal Khushboo's popularity?

Can Nadhiya equal Khushboos popularity?

Actress Nadhiya, who has been replaced as the host of the reality entertainment programme ‘Jackpot’ on Jaya TV, has said that while she can’t straight away divulge the contents of the ‘new-look’ show, the fact that the show would entirely be a Nadiya-styled one can’t be ruled out.
Khushboo, who had been hosting the show on the channel for the past 8 years, was shown the exit door by the authorities soon after the actress joined DMK. The show would hence forth be known as ‘Jackpot Season-2’ and it has been officially announced by the channel authorities that Nadhiya would be hosting the show.
The show is likely to go on air starting as early as on next Sunday (13th June) at its usual slot of 08:00 p.m. Talking about her new experience in hosting the show, Nadiya said that “The show is a hugely popular one and I’m proud and happy to have got the opportunity to host it. I can’t pinpoint as to how ‘different’ would it be from its earlier version but it would surely be a Nadiya-styled one.
“I believe I can learn quite a lot through the show and I’m determined to let the audience get full advantage of whatever I learn from the show. I would also like to point out that no ‘politics’ is involved my selection to host the show as I’m a non-political person,” concluded Nadiya.
Khushboo’s programme was equally famous for the several designs of back-exposing blouses she used to wear on the show. We’ll have to wait to see whether the same ‘blouse’ trend is to be followed this time too!


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