“I want to change my image" - Namitha

If Namitha is just an oomph girl in your opinion; it’s time for you to reconsider. For the actress says her concentration is now on doing varied roles and her forthcoming films would prove it true.

“I want to change my image. I want to act in roles which are more meaningful. And I am sure I will able to get rid of the image of being branded as a sexy actress with films like ‘Ilaignan’ in which I am doing a different character,” she says.

Explaining the reason, the actress, who is popular for wearing skimpy outfits says, “When my co-stars bag challenging roles, it disturbs me to some extent. But most directors insist I wear a bikini and shorts.”
Saying she would like to wear traditional outfits, especially sarees, Namitha adds: “I would like to act in roles like Sridevi in the film ‘Sadma’. Trust me I can act well and I am not for glamour alone.”

Are the directors listening?


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