Jeyam Ravi says Tamanna looks very glamorous in Thillalangadi

There is a lot of talk about Thamanna's Thillangadi. It seems she looks very glamorous in this film. When asked Jayam Ravi about this, he laughed. Further while speaking about this film, he said," This will be the first high budgeted film of our company.
Because lot of actors is acting, the expenses have been increased. You can laugh at each scene. Vadivelu, Santhanam, Ganja Karuppu and Sathyan are doing comedy with me. Many are asking me whether there was ego problem among them. Ego is not a negative matter. When we think our role should come well, that itself is ego.
Jeyam Ravi says Tamanna looks very glamorous in Thillalangadi
But this is strength to a film and not weakness. Both Santhanam and Vadivelu have really rocked in the comedy scenes. If you see the film, you can come to know that how genius is Vadivelu. Santhanam is for the first time donning a role that nobody has donned so far.
Thamanna has become very close to us. She invited the whole Thillalangadi team for lunch at her house in Mumbai. Thamanna has for the first time had acted in glamorously in this film. Most of the audience would be stunned by her looks.
After the shooting was completed the whole team presented her a cake and bouquet. During this send off, she had tears in her eyes. After doing this comedy film, I am acting in a serious role in Ameer's Aadhi Bhaghavan. You will see Ameer through me."


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