Karthi says Kajol Agarwal is better then Tamanna

Karthi says Kajol Agarwal is better then Tamanna 
Karthi's Paiyaa with Tamannah was a huge success and the actor is already expecting his next film Naan Mahaan Alla to hit the screens soon. His star status is catapulting several notches up with each of his film's release and the actor is quite happy with the end results.
For NMA, Karthi's love-interest is Kajal Agarwal. During a recent press meet, Karthi was asked which of the two actresses - Kajal and Tamannah – he considered to be the most beautiful. The actor in his own sense of humor replied that Kajal is taller than Tamannah and has large eyes, which is much better than Tamannah's.
Remenber he already told Tamanna is better then Kareena Kapoor:
Even as rumour mills working overtime saying Karthi Sivakumar and Tamannah are seeing each other, the 'Paiyaa' hero has said that he was awestruck by the complexion of his ladylove in the movie.
"When I was working as an assistant to Mani Ratnam, Kareena Kapoor stunned me with her skin tone on the sets of 'Yuva'. But I later realised that Tamannah is fairer than Kareena when I met her first for Paiyaa," the young actor has said in an interview.
He added: "The girl was so fair that she was shining bright than the white dress she was wearing. I admire her a lot." Karthi is however careful in denying reports on his alleged relationship with Tamannah.
"Some say I have recommended her for my forthcoming film. There is no truth in it and Tamannah no more needs recommendations. The makers of the movie, who felt that our chemistry was great in 'Paiyaa', decided to cast us together again," he said.
Karthi speaks about his Naan Mahan Alla Movie
After Paiyya, Karthi is acting in the film titled Naan Mahan Alla. Kajal Agarwal is pairing with him. The press meet for this film was held. Karthi, director Susindhran, producer K E Gnanavel, cinematographer Mathi and Editor Kasi Viswanathan participated in this meet.
Karthi while speaking to the media, said," When director Susindhran was narrating the first half of the story I was laughing. I asked him whether I would be suitable for the role of an ordinary middle income youth. He said I will fit the role. For the first time I rehearsed for this film. I rehearsed for one week.
You can say that this is a youth's life instead of it calling a story. There is a youth from the middle income group who is living happily. A crime that happens in some corner turns his life upside down. This is the story of Naan Mahan Alla. I enjoyed acting in the romantic scenes. This film will be an important for Kajal Agarwal."


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