Mani wanted to retire after 'Raavanan'

Mani Ratnam has revealed a secret that he actually planned to bid adieu to films after completing 'Raavanan'. He however has changed the plan now and is getting ready for his next project.
"When I was getting ready to start ‘Raavanan’, I thought I would retire after this venture. I wanted to settle in Kodaikanal and play golf everyday. Having completed the movie now, I am ready to start my next project soon," the filmmaker said.
At the same time, Mani is not sure about the nature of his next film. "Honestly, I have no idea about it. But I am keen about starting it soon. Let's see."
The director, who is awaiting the release of 'Raavanan' this Friday, said "I am not worried about the craze and expectations. I just want to get the film right and do as good as I can."


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