Meghna Naidu Made 'Pregnant'

The sizzling actress from Bollywood, the sexy Meghna Naidu is pregnant according to a hacker. The shocked heroine had complained to the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell in Mumbai about a hacker who got her 'pregnant'.

Like every other hacker this one too breached her email account with his weird imagination and chatted with her friends, saying from Meghna's point of view that she 'was pregnant from a fling with a guy whose name she couldn't remember' and that she 'needed advice'.

But this smart fella was caught by her ex-publicist Dale Bhagwagar on the chat who sensed something fishy about the way Meghna was chatting. Immediately after the chat, Dale called her residence to verify if it was Meghna on the chat, and her parents told him, she had gone for her yoga class.

When the actress returned the call an hour later, she was shocked to learn about the conversation. Meghna said, "I was paranoid when I checked my Google chats. This imposter had been chatting with a lot my friends and claimed I was pregnant out of a fling. To add to this craziness, he wrote, I'd forgotten the name of the guy who made me pregnant. All this bogus talk was insane and scary."

Poor Meghna, it didn't stop here and when the actress-dancer complained at the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell. The cops there didn't seem to be much interested about my case but the gusty actress kept her cool and hoped that the cops will realize their duty and she hopes that they will track the hacker.

It is not safe…offline or online, these days! Better be careful from now on Meghna.


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