No gender-bias: Sivakumar

Sivakumar has got a ‘grand’ reason to be happy. For his daughter-in-law Jyothika has gifted him a grandson on Monday and the veteran actor says his joy knows no bounds. “I am extremely happy,” he says.
Ask him whether the real reason behind his happiness is that Jyothika has delivered a baby boy and that he has both a grandson and a granddaughter now, Sivakumar says, “Certainly no. My prayers were that Jo should deliver a healthy child without any complications.”
He adds: “I don’t want to discriminate between a boy and a girl. Both are equal to me. What makes me happy than anything else is that both (Jo and the infant) are doing extremely well and I have got one more companion to play with.”
Expressing gratitude to well-wishers and friends, the proud grandfather says, “Thanks to the prayers of all our well-wishers a new member has arrived in our family.” Suriya and Jyothika, who entered wedlock in 2006, already have a girl child named Diya.


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