Pen Singam - Movie Review

Banner: Nandini Arts
Production: J P Murugesan
Direction: Bali Srirangam
Actors: Richard, Udhay Kiran, Meera Jasmine and others
Music: Deva
Pen Singam review
Kalainyar Karunanidhi’s previous releases had more vitality over literature based arenas and it wasn’t really a convincing show for the present age audiences. It looks like; it’s the time now as Kalainyar recognizes the importance of commercial values. ‘Pen Singam’ has the blend of Kalainyar Karunanidhi’s aesthetic touch of dialogue with commercial ingredients. But again, it’s a mediocre as the dialogues and style of presentation faintly reminiscences the yesteryear work ‘Paasa Paravaigal’ of the same author.

An honest forest officer by nature, Surya (Udhay Kiran) falls in love with his sweetheart Megala (Meera Jasmine), who aspires to become an IPS. And then, there is yet another parallel line of a Tamil rhetorician, who makes his student Prabhavathy (Sudarshana Sen) fall for him with his socially activating speeches. Soon they get married as a conflict breaks open when the true colors are exposed. Instantaneously, Prabhavathy is murdered and Surya is framed for the act. Now it’s up to his mother (Rohini), a judge, who gets down to advocate for him and his ladylove Megala to prove of his innocence and trap the real culprit.

The film has lots of dialogues that turn to be major constraint as the youngsters may not like after a certain extent. However, the middle aged groups may have some regards for the same aspects as they have lots of reasons to admire the lengthy lines. The filmmaker has somehow managed to insert the commercial elements like Vivek’s comedy tracks, the cameos of J.K. Riteesh and Rambha that are mediocre.
Nothing special to mention about the technical aspects as they stumble down badly on all vistas…
The musical score by Deva is same as before and cinematography lacks clarity at many places.
The best part in this film is good casting as every actor breathes lives into the character they have performed.
Pen Singam review
Meera Jasmine can wait for awards as she emotes with her earnest efforts and her performance is flawless. Richard looks slightly doubtful on his mannerisms at certain points while Udhay Kiran does as instructed.
What works: Meera Jasmine, Karunanidhi’s screenplay, Casting
What doesn’t work: Same-old touch of medieval cinema, technically not convincing and cliched proceedings.


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