Sneha denies her ‘mother role’ in Mohan Lal’s Malayalam film

Sneha, the actress known for her family girl image for more than a decade, will be paired up with Mohan Lal in a Malayalam flick titled Shikaar.
Sneha is not new to Malayalee audience. She also has done quite a few notable films in Malayalam including the latest Pramani opposite Mammootty. She also has done Thuruppu Gulaan opposite Mammootty and the yet to be released Vande Mataram.
Shikaar will be her first film opposite Mohan Lal and Sneha is very much excited about it. She will play the role of Mohan Lal’s lover turned wife. But unfortunately few media houses published news that she is going to play the role of Ananya’s mother in Shikaar.
Now Sneha clarifies few things about her role in Shikaar.
Says Sneha, “I’m not doing any mother like roles in any of my forthcoming movies. Particularly in Shikaar, my first ever Malayalam movie with legendary Mohan Lal, I’m playing the role of his lover turned wife. According to the story, Mohan Lal adopted a female child after the death of my character. So there is no place for mother role to me in this movie. Ananya playing as adopted daughter of Mohan Lal. In fact, there is no combination scene for me with Ananya in this movie.
I kindly request my media friends to get proper details before publishing such a news in their esteemed media…”
Sneha is very busy in South language films. According to her, she is currently doing 6 movies in Tamil including Bavani IPS, Murattukkalai, Vidiayal and doing couple of movies in Telugu and Malayalam.


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