Sneha thanks Vijayashanthi

Sneha is a synonym to smile, so to say. But hardly has the actress had a chance to smile in ‘Bhavani’, a film in which she is playing the role of a police officer for the first time in her career.
Throwing light on the movie directed by Kicha, which is a remake of yesteryear hit ‘Vyjayanthi IPS’, the actress says, “It is a gripping entertainer which could inspire many women to face hurdles without any fear. Personally speaking, I myself had gained a lot of courage doing this movie.”
She adds: “I would like to thank Vijayashanthi, who had acted in the original, for congratulating me in a media interview, saying the director had made a right choice by selecting me for the role. I believe I had livened up to all such expectations.”
Apologising to her colleagues in the film, especially stunt workers, the actress said, “Since I am new to action blocks, I did many a mistake while performing stunt scenes. But everyone tolerated me.”


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