Sonia Agarwal in Kasthuri Raja's film

Parting ways with Selvaraghavan has not stopped Sonia Agarwal from maintaining a good relationship with her former in-laws. The actress is in very good terms with Selvaraghavan's parents and she has been approached by Kasthuri Raja, Selva's father, to play a pivotal role in his forthcoming film.
"Sonia is a very good girl and we never had any problems with her. The only thing is that she was unable to follow the dreams of Selva who always leads a life which is full of dreams. This made them to apply for divorce," says Kasthuri Raja.
He adds: "We are always in touch with her. I recently asked Sonia to play an important role in my forthcoming veture 'Pandia Perarasu'. And she too has accepted the offer. The film will go to floors very soon."
Expressing happiness on becoming grandfather again thanks to his younger son Dhanush, the veteran director says, "It is a double delight for us, since we already having a whale of time with Yathra, Dhanush's first son."


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