Suriya overtakes Vijay

Actor SuriyaSuriya’s latest film ‘Singam’ opposite Anoushka, which released worldwide on 28th May, has been raking in record collections at the American box-office.  In the cinema halls in which ‘Singam’ has been released, it was never been filled up to the capacity crowd of 250 but it has been happening there ever since ‘Singam’ was released.

Till some time back, the distribution rates for America for Suriya’s films bordered around the Rs.60 lacs mark.  For ‘Singam’, though, the rate has risen to over Rs.1.5 crores.  Vijay’s films had earlier been procured for around Re.1 crore.  Despite the debacle of Vijay’s latest film ‘Suraa’, the distribution rates for his films won’t change in the near future, it is said.

Vijay, though, doesn’t appear to have missed the fact that Suriya has ‘overtaken’ him when it comes to garnering the highest distribution rate.  Ironically enough, it was Vijay who was first approached by Hari for the cop’s role played so convincingly by Suriya in ‘Singam’.  Vijay is said to have refused the film saying he can’t appear in the ‘police uniform’ for most part of the film (?!).

This blunder by Vijay not only cost him a super hit film but had also allowed him to step aside and let Suriya occupy the ‘No.1’ position in Tamil films!


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