Thittakudi - Movie Review

Banner: Sri Krishna Pictures
Production: Dr. R. Siva Gokul Rajan
Direction: Sundaran
Star-casts: Ravi, Aswatha, Siva (Kulanji), Moonar Ramesh Pasanga fame Sindhi Kumar and many others
Camera: Karuppiah
Editing: P.G. Vel Murugan
Music: Selva Nambi
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar, Egadasi, Director Senthamizh
Choreography: S.L. Balaji, Dheena, Shiva
Action: Prakash
Thittakudi movie review
A kind request to filmmakers… Please don’t be too preachy and don’t ever expect over impressing audiences with such motifs. ‘Thittakudi’ is as bungle some as most of the other films that has gaudy elements of Z-graded flicks that finally ends with either a tragic note or social messages. Director Sundaran has crafted out an annoying film that sends you like whipping yourself for having opted it.

If at all Sundaram wanted to convey a bold message – DRINKING, SMOKING AND WOMANIZING are injurious to Health and Society, and the producer could have better allotted him money for Public Service Announcement rather than making a full-length feature with a flap doodle.
Cheesy story-liner and graveling screenplay – ‘Thittakudi’ is brimmed with these stuffs that in no way needs a visit.

What actually does Sundaram wanted to say – All men in this town are alcoholics and women are Cyprians.

Velu (Ravi) and Kulanji (Siva) – these close paisanos give themselves to every bad habit. You’ll find them with bottles or locked with women in bushes. Ramaswamy (Munnar Ramesh) offers Velu to assist him in Masonry while he somehow manages to trap his daughter Kalai Selvi (Aswatha). In spite of marriage being fixed with her cousin Durai (Gokul Raj), she wants to be Velu’s spouse.
A night spent together changes their course of life as Velu offers Kalai Selvi money for the pleasure obtained.

Rest of the story is about identities broken, confessions overloaded and a tragic culmination.
Ravi strives hard to win critical praises and shores upon mediocre while Aswatha seems to have accepted this offer precisely with the interests of appearing over the screens. Unrestrained performance of Siva is okay while ‘Munnar’ Ramaswamy deserves appreciation for his perfection. Well, rest of the star-casts is irksomely caricatured.
On the technical panoramas, nothing seems to be better as the songs and background score are too flimsier to hold the attention of audiences. Barring couple of melodies, none of them are really worth heeding to while the picturing is too deplorable.

Sorry if this verdict really hurts the producers. If they have plans to stay in tinsel town, better let them choose better scripts and get it clear that copycatting the themes of yesteryear blockbusters wouldn’t yield them same results.
Thittakudi movie review
Thittakudi movie review
Thittakudi movie review
Thittakudi movie review


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